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For Questions /  Please contact lilianamg@us.ibm.com & mbcolon@us.ibm.com

Hosted by
IBM Academy of Technology

APRIL 24 / 10AM-8PM CT





APRIL 24, 2018 10AM-8PM CT



2313 Red River St, Austin, TX 78705


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The event will be held at the LBJ room at the University of Texas in Austin


Attendees can join the sessions in person or online via livestream.
We will feature fun and engaging speakers/demos!   We also encourage hosting viewing parties for students (target is 14-19 years olds).

The annual IBM Academy of Technology #SkillsBuild: STEM event inspires high school students to pursue Science, Technology, Engineering and Math with live presentations, lightning videos, and hands-on activity kits from IBM Volunteers.  It explores how innovation matters in a wide array of industries with fun, cool demonstrations.  Train a computer to play its own video game.  Play a table top space exploration game with Quantum computing.  Build an emotionally empathetic Chatbot with IBM Watson.  Protect yourself from cyberbullying.  Learn about an Escape room on cybersecurity, and more!


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9:55 AM

Hello! by Rhonda Childress

Event overview, welcome remote and onsite audience


10:00 AM

Welcome from IBM AoT! by Susan Schreitmueller-Smartt

Please join Susan Schreitmueller Smartt, Distinguished Engineer, President of IBM Academy of Technology for a short overview of the AoT. She will share her personal journey and association with Science and Technology, some of the challenges she faced, and her views on the opportunities technology provides. 
---Susan Schreitmueller is the President of IBM's Academy of Technology.   She is a Distinguished Engineer and a Master Cloud Advisor who has worked in IT for over 35 years.   She came to IBM as a professional hire in 1997, having worked in the financial sector after coming out of the US Army.   Susan has a multi-discipline background in systems, performance, storage, disaster recovery and high availability spanning many industries.  She is a strong client advocate and is passionate about client value.   She's been a keynote and session speaker at conferences around the world for both technical sessions and career development.   She is equally committed to improving the emerging technical pipeline and is passionate about mentoring worldwide.    

10:19 AM

Introduction by Rhonda Childress

10:24 AM

Astronaut, Bonnie Jeanne Dunbar

Bonnie Jeanne Dunbar (born March 3, 1949) is a former NASA astronaut. She retired from NASA in September 2005 then served as president and CEO of The Museum of Flight until April 2010. From January 2013 - December 2015, Dr. Dunbar lead the University of Houston's STEM Center (science, technology, engineering and math) and was a faculty member in the Cullen College of Engineering.[1] Currently, she is a professor of aerospace engineering at Texas A&M University and serves as Director of the Institute for Engineering Education and Innovation (IEEI), a joint entity in the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) and the Dwight Look College of Engineering at Texas A&M University.

11:11 AM

The Code Matrix by Aditi

The Code Matrix is a “by students - for students” nonprofit organization that strives to introduce students K-8 to coding. Through a series of games, activities, and projects, members explore the fundamentals of coding and application of computer programming in the real world. Our high school level student-volunteers teach and mentor club members with an emphasis on creativity, communication, collaboration, and community.

11:31 AM

The Z Escape: A Cybersecurity Workshop on IBM Z by Bryan Childs

In this collaborative Escape Room experience, participants from the local audience will be part of the newly hired security staff at a company that recently fell victim to a massive data breach!  The breach is believed to be an insider threat, and the suspect will taunt everyone with a variety of puzzles.

11:59 AM

Project Havyn: Giving Cyber Security a Voice!

Havyn is a really cool cyber security voice interface to IBM's Watson system, developed by an IBMer and his 11 year old son. During this talk we will touch on the back-story of its origin, creation, and demonstrate its many uses.
Havyn is also hoping to help shape the young cyber-security professionals of tomorrow! Havyn can not only tell you about cyber-security, but it can be used to educate by engaging in an interactive Q&A dialog, cyber-security focused lessons, and gamification. Come see how the future of cyber-security can be experienced using the power of your voice!

12:19 PM


12:19 PM

Machine Learning for Kids by Dale Lane

UK - Simple machine learning models by making games and interactive projects.
Artificial intelligence and machine-learning techniques are transforming the way we approach real-world problems in almost every industry. We all use systems and applications that depend on machine learning every day.

12:35 PM

Frankie, our Web Security Chabot Project by James Darwin

This session is about our TJBot project we call “Frankie”. We will describe how we went from a standard TJ Bot and came up with the idea of creating a type of Web Security Chatbot with the aim of helping children navigate the internet by steering them away from dangerous or harmful websites. It is still a work-in-progress, but the basics are in place, and will be provided a demonstration of our work so far

12:45 PM

Rural institutions STEM Education (RISE) by Srinivas Tummalapenta

RISE in India - social collaborative efforts to continue promote STEM education despite lack of some of basic Internet Computer Telecommunication facilities. STEM basics are taught to students by leveraging SNAP circuit boards and other basic means. Link: https://sites.google.com/view/riseforstem

1:03 PM

Fashion Show

Fashion and how technology works in this space!

1:23 PM

Serious Game Design, Computer Science and Watson for Good by David Conover

The Games Design students and their Instructor from Connally High School will share with you their projects that integrate five core dimensions: creativity, storytelling, design, collaboration, and innovation

1:54 PM

UT - Autonomous Robots by Stacia Rodenbusch and Justin Hart

Freshman Research Initiative faculty presentation 

2:55 PM

Zombie Drones by Mike Spisak

Security and the IOT - Hack a dronehnology

3:25 PM

Solar School by Janani Janakiraman

Do you need a website that you can get to anywhere, even when there is no power or internet? The Solar School Mini is a solar-powered Wi-Fi webserver that you can take anywhere.

3:45 PM

Entanglion, Quantum Game by Aaron Cox and Justin Weisz

Quantum Game- Entanglion Game - Demo    

4:07 PM

Chatbots for Good by Janine Gerber

What is a chatbot?  Chat with one and learn about artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies while designing and building an empathic chatbot

4:26 PM

Autonomous Autos by Joe Speed

All about autonomous automobiles and the technology

4:49 PM

Aging Initatives by Susann Koehane

Our goal is to help the world’s aging population live in their own homes longer by creating smart homes and environments that use sensors, Internet of Things (IoT) technology, robotic assistants and more. Using ambient IoT sensor data, our research objective is to learn and model individual patterns for sleeping, eating, exercising, cooking, and bathing and make connections from certain behaviors to an increased risk of developing an affliction. We hypothesize that the right combination of consumer grade sensors deployed in an optimal layout within a room or domicile will allow daily patterns to be readily observed. The technical challenge is to do this at scale, personalized for every older adult, and maintain privacy and security. At the heart of our Aging research is the older adult. While respecting their digital dignity, we need to enable family members, doctors and caregivers to proactively monitor the health and well-being of the world’s aging population.

5:10 PM

Educationality - Personalized STEM Education using Watson by Mariya Ali and Mike Spisak

Educationality-  personalized STEM Education using Watson
If you have a learning or teaching style preference, special circumstances such as disability, or simply an insatiable appetite for sheer knowledge - then you'll want to hear about "Educationality!" -- the ultimate goal of this innovation project is to personalize education to fit the needs of the individual.
This short and exciting talk will highlight the project mission and explore the possibilities of using Watson Augmented Intelligence for learning about Cyber Security!  We'll even show you a quick demo of how IBM Watson can be used to quiz you like a study buddy!

5:30 PM

Applications of 3D body scanning technology for apparel design and production by Mahendran Balasubramanian (U of Ark)

How 3D Body Scanning, especially in pregnancy is changing the way clothing should be created.

5:45 PM

A.I. For Personalized Digital Content by Will Scott

Learn more about the IBM AbilityLab Content Clarifier, an artificial intelligence solution, complemented by IBM Watson, that uses machine learning and natural language processing to make understanding content easier. 

6:00 PM

Blockchain/Coffee Game by Howard Anglin

Coffee tranding example, using Blockchain for an online exercise

6:30 PM

Act 1/2 Australia by James Cleaver

Recorded- 30 minutes total  (15 minutes) each student

7:00 PM

Code Your Toy Box by Bryan Childs

Learn computer science concepts through video game design with the Disney Infinity Toy Box!  Learn about the many updates made to this IBM Volunteer activity kit and the underlying PC software on Steam.

7:17 PM

Enigma Machine by David Kumhyr

Learn how the reputedly unbreakable Enigma machine was broken. David Kumhyr, IBM Master Inventor and Senior Engineer will tell the story of how fundamental cryptographic flaws combined with implementation and procedural flaws enabled the breaking of the Enigma cipher. 

7:35 PM

Big Data Analytics by Beth Rudden

7:55 PM

Closing Remarks by Rhonda Childress

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